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WiFiray Infratech Pvt. Ltd. (WIPL) incorporated in 2013. WiFiRay is actively involved in connecting multi-party enterprise-wide networks integration into customer environments to provide the best solutions and services. We have developed the expertise to a level that has resulted in unparalleled capabilities in handling the most demanding of inter-network requirements, products and services.

While the world is moving towards Networking & Internetworking era, the infrastructure technology industry has become the fastest-growing segment of India. The arrivals of global IT products & companies in India exposed a covert need for specialized networking and systems integration solutions providers.

WiFiray Infratech Pvt. Ltd. combines its experience and knowledge with a commitment to continually improve the contribution that IT infrastructure and services make for our customers. Our expertise to design, implement and maintain a high-speed network that can meet any business needs for communication. Whether upgrading existing infrastructure or migrating from one topology to a more efficient architecture, we can provide a complete suite of services to achieve optimized high-speed networking.

At WIPL we believe “Our success is inside our clients’ success”, which helped us to get listed as one of the top corporate companies. We help strategically prioritize and deliver initiatives which fit the contemporary business practices that would make operations more swift, safe and competent while bringing down costs.

From design and implementation services to information security and assurance services, we have it all. We understand the needs of growing businesses that require networking, reliable communication, speed, accuracy, security and optimum use of technology at a most competitive cost.

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